Verselle Laga Prestige African Parrot Premium Food 1kg

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Versele-laga Prestige Loro Parque African Parrot Premium Food Mix is an enriched seed mixture with extra food elements, specially made for all African parrots such as African grey parrots, jardine's parrots and Senegal parrots.

All the Prestige Premium Loro Parque mixtures are composed with a very varied supply of seeds and grains and contain a quantity of delicacies for parrots such as puffed grains, pumpkin seeds, rose hip, dried peppers and pine nuts.

This premium basic food is enriched with 8 % Maxi VAM pellets, which assure an extra supply of Vitamins, Amino acids and Minerals.

This species-adapted mix has been composed in consultation with the scientific team of the Loro Parque for use as a premium basic food for all the African parrots.