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Percell Large Soft Nylon Dog Chew Toy with Chicken Scent are durable big Dog Toys that are suitable for the real meat eaters. These big dog chew bones satisfy dogs' natural chewing instincts as well as encouraging good oral health as the action of chewing these dog chew bones helps to reduce tartar and plaque. Besides, they are super fun to play with. Always in the cool dog toys list for your dogs for their birthday and Christmas presents.

 So, how does nylon chew bone work?

As your dog begins chewing, the knuckles at either end of the bone will fray. These nylon fibres gently massage gums and wear away plaque and tartar deposits. It's as easy as that. Certainly a lot simpler than trying to clean your dog's teeth with a brush.

• Nylon chew bone is a dental care device for your dogs.

• Regular chewing on this bone will assist in breaking down plaque and tartar deposits and reduce the incidence of gum disease.

• This orthodontic aid also helps to exercise teeth/gums and the impregnated "Chicken Flavour" will ensure maximum interest, totally satisfying your dog's passion for chewing.

• Nylon chew bone lasts a lot longer than conventional dog chews as it is manufactured from high quality thermoplastic.

• Use nylon chew bone as a "Throw and Retrieve" training aid and have some fun while cleaning your dog's teeth at the same time.

• Do not throw the bone into the air for your dog to catch. The sudden high impact could cause tooth damage.

• When both knuckles are ground down, the bone should be replaced.