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  • 4-in-1 formula for healthy bones, stronger immune system and better digestive system
  • High bioavailability source of Calcium from 100% organic vegetative origin
  • 3 patented strains of probiotics
  • Flushe out bad bacteria and replaces the whole body with good bacteria
  • Improve appetite for better growth


For this formula, calcium is harvested from excellent grade natural seaweed in Ireland's pollution free Atlantic waters with greater bioavailability that is easily absorbed by the body to support various body functions such as bone development and maintenance. Natural seaweed is also rich in many other essential minerals such as Boron, Fluorine, Magnesium, phosphorus and more.

Probiotics help to maintain a healthy digestive system by inhibiting harmful micro-organisms and promoting the growth of body microflora to stimulate digestion, improve appetite for better growth, promote optimal absorption of essential nutrients from food, improve bowel functions, and enhance body’s natural immune system.

Serving size 2 Tablets
Amount per serving:

  • Natural Seaweed Calcium  625mg 
  • Essential Minerals 22.5mg
  • Vitamin C  100mg
  • Vitamin D  100I.U.
  • Probiotics  300mg

Other Ingredients: Vegetable Flavour, Dextrose, Inulin, Isomalt, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate

Suitable for all breeds of dog, cat and small animal. To ensure optimal benefits, the recommended dose below is calculated based on weight.

Weight Daily Dose
Below 5kg ½ teaspoon
5 to 10kg 1 teaspoon
10 to 20kg 2 teaspoons
Above 20kg 3 teaspoons


It can be mixed or sprinkled on top of your pet’s favorite food. For dry food, sprinkle with some water. It can also be mixed with water, juices or milk. Do not mix with hot food, hot water or warm milk.