Hovid Germisep 0.5g (500 tablets)

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Germisep disinfectant tablet is designed to control the presence of harmful germs for the application on body waste/discharges to ensure proper disposal, contaminated objects for reuse and general environment disinfection. Germisep is effective against bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria, spores, algae and fungi. Why Germisep? Perfect disinfectant that kill bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria, spore, algae and fungi Provide a hygienic environment for homes, schools, offices, hospitals, clinics, labs & etc. Less irritation and low toxicity Less tarnishing and corrosive Convenient and stable Safe, easy and accurate Compact and economical Organic resistant Active Ingredients :- Each Table contains 0.5g NaDCC (Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Anhydrous)