Dr. Clauder's Lamb & Rice 400g x6 @RM42.2

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Premium Meat with prebiotic - the best for your dog.

The high content of meat and its natural flavor makes that dogs love this product. Dr. Claude is produced without artificial additives. Controlled content of vitamins and minerals provides optimal diet for teh dog who leads an active life. Enriched with natural soy proteins.

Feeding advice: Provide fresh water at all times. Small dog (ca. 10kg) about ½ 800g can Medium dog (ca. 20kg) about 1 800g can Big dog (ca. 40kg) about 2 800g cans


28% meat, 21% lamb, 19% pork, 25% water, 4% of rice, 1% gelatin and thickeners, 1,7% vitamins and minerals, 0,3% flavoring.

Additives / kg:
Vitamin A 2000 IU / kg, Vitamin D3 200 IU / kg of vitamin E (as Alphatocopherolacetat) 25 mg / kg