Dr Clauder's Turkey & Potato Can 400g x6 @RM42.20

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Dr. Clauder's - selected premium meat - clean excellent meat for your dog. Compared to typical canned food, its nutritional value is greater by 50%. Optimal assimilation was obtained by adjusting the food to the specific nutritional needs of the dog. The inulin contained in the product additionally supports the absorption of food due to its prebiotic properties and stimulates the production of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract ..

Dr. Clauder’s Selected meat stands for carefully Chosen meat-pleasure. Gently steamed for pure taste, made to feed your dog species appropriate and safe. Complete food for adult dogs.
Selected Dr.Clauder's meat is produced without artificial flavors and aromas, soy protein and flour. The controlled level of vitamins and minerals ensures optimal nutrition.


42% of turkey ( muscle meat, heart, liver, stomach), 21% of duck (muscle meat, liver), 21% of pork (lung, liver), 14% of potato, 1% salmon oil, 1% minerals.