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Doggyman Low Fat Dog Biscuit Plane Product Details

- Yucca extract of natural ingredients adsorbs unpleasant odor of excrement
- Combining calcium necessary for maintaining healthy teeth and bones, it helps keep your dog healthy.
- About 20% cut compared with "Dogwan Biscuit Plain" fat content to worry about.
- I absorbed moisture in the stomach and inflated, pushing out feces Konnyaku powder rich in dietary fiber was compounded.

How to use 
Please refer to the salary amount and divide it into one or several times a day and give it as a snack.

Young dogs · Ultra small adult dogs (5 kg or less) · · · 3 to 6 pieces
Small adult dogs (5 to 11 kg) · · · 6 to 9
Medium adult dogs (11 to 23 kg) · · · 9 to 12 pieces
Large adult dogs (23 to 40 kg) ... 12 to 24 pieces

Raw materials of Dogeeman low fat bread drink

Wheat flour, tapioca starch, sugar, vegetable oils and fats, chicory extract (containing dietary fiber, oligosaccharide), milk powder, konnyaku, minerals (calcium, sodium), swelling agent, fragrance, yucca extract

Nutritional components
Crude protein ... 5% or more
Crude fat ... 2% or more
Crude fiber ... 3% or less
Rough ash ... 4% or less
Moisture ... 10% or less