Bio ion Pets Pounce Wet Wipes Sanitizer Non-Alcohol 80 Sheets for All Pets

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Bioion Pets Pounce Wet Wipes pet germs-free sanitizer, ionization & biotechnological formulation researched & developed from Japan. With natural antibacterial properties, is effective and eco-safe for most usage. Convenient & great for Dogs & Cats!

  • Eliminates odour and kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • Will not dry or irritate your pet’s body or your skin.
  • Bioion Pets Pounce Wet Wipes pet germs-free sanitiser is alcohol-free

Most pets take real pride in their appearance. As well as helping to keep your pet looking beautiful, regular pet grooming allows you to spend quality bonding time with your pet and allows you to check their body condition and spot any unusual signs of health problems, such as lumps or bumps.